With virtually endless configuration options, a Carrier® ductless AC unit provides flexibility to provide comfort anywhere it’s needed. No ductwork? Hot or cold spots? Multiple rooms? No problem.  Each unit can be strategically located for enhanced comfort with minimal aesthetic impact. That includes mixing and matching high wall units with ducted, console or cassette units inside, with a single outdoor compressor for multi-zone systems. Learn more about popular ductless applications

How a Ductless AC Unit Works

Ductless cooling systems use variable-speed inverter compressor technology to efficiently heat and cool your home. Similar to a traditional split HVAC system, a ductless cooling system includes an outdoor unit and an indoor unit that are connected by copper refrigerant tubing. Refrigerant flowing between the indoor and outdoor units helps pull heat and humidity from inside. A fan in the indoor unit blows the resulting cool air directly into the living area as heat is released outside through a coil in the outdoor unit. The inverter-controlled, variable-speed compressor in a Carrier ductless AC unit outside manages refrigerant flow as conditions change to ensure the most energy-efficient operation.

Ductless Heating Systems vs Ductless AC Units

A ductless heat pump system can work as both a heating and cooling system. It looks and operates exactly like a ductless air conditioner with one major twist – it can reverse its operation to provide both heating and cooling. During the warm, summer months, a ductless heat pump acts as a cooling system using refrigerant to pull heat and humidity from indoor air. The indoor unit delivers the cool air into your living space, while heat and humidity are released through the outdoor unit. During the cool, winter months, a ductless heat pump can reverse the refrigerant flow, pulling heat from outdoor air and releasing it through the indoor unit. Because even cold air contains some heat energy, a ductless heat pump can be an effective solution for year-round comfort where traditional HVAC isn’t the best choice.

Single-Zone or Multi-Zone System

One outdoor unit can power up to five indoor units for flexible comfort throughout your whole home. Individual comfort settings in up to five separate areas means truly customized heating and cooling. You’ll also enjoy enhanced energy savings when you only heat and cool the areas that are occupied.

An Efficient Way to Expand Your Comfort.

The inverter-controlled variable-speed compressor in a ductless system ensures maximum efficiency and energy savings by continuously adjusting heating and cooling capacities, up and down, to best match current conditions. Many standard systems have only two settings – on and off – which can lead to higher energy usage. And, when you have multiple indoor units with individual control over each unit, you’ll save even more by heating and cooling only the areas that need it.